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Intro to Ultrabooks

Many of the high-end laptops of today are called ultrabooks. An ultrabook is a high-end, light-weight, thin laptop with no internal moving/spinning parts. A majority of ultrabooks have screens that typically range from 11 to 14 inches in size, have a weight of around 2.5 pounds and are a little over a half-inch thick. Most are comprised of solid-state hard drives (SSDs) and have no internal optical drive (CD-ROM) which allow for faster response/performance and ultimate mobility. The inside of an ultrabook is much like the inside of a smartphone, many of the inside components are on one complete board and do not move. Also, many ultrabooks have a starting at a price of about $900-$1000.

More info on Ultrabooks:

As stated earlier they may contain solid-state hard drives. Most SSDs are of lesser capacity than traditional hard drives and typically range from a capacity of 64GB to 256GB. The benefits of a SSD versus a traditional hard-drive are SSDs can be formed into irregular shapes/thin sizes to fit smaller/thinner laptops and have practically instantaneous start-up time. Although SSDs are efficient when it comes to size, the cost per capacity is significantly higher than traditional hard-drives.

More info on Solid-state drive:

An ultrabook is recommended for individuals who wants a highly mobile, lightweight laptop without sacrificing much of the battery life or performance.

Suggested Ultrabooks:

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Apple Macbook Air 13-inch:
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