With my help, you can...

Transition into the future of work

With Cloud Services


With my help, you can...


into the

future of



Cloud Services


You're Here Because You Need Assistance

  • Transitioning services to the cloud.
  • Purchasing hardware and/or software for your home or small business.
  • Implementing efficient workflows.

Or you just want my input on what I have to say about new tech. Regardless, you've come to the right place!

Seeking Digital Minimalism?

Whether you're working from home, commuting to an office, or looking after the kids, digital tools are everywhere. Smartphones to TVs, computers to tablets. Digital minimalism is an easy way to reduce your digital exposure, freeing up more time for the real world.

Grab my Digital Minimalism Cheat Sheet that contains tips on how you can simplify your digital life.

Hey There!

I'm Kenneth.

Your tech-savvy, extroverted southern gentleman who loves to travel, shop, and have a good time! 🕺

I'm a technology strategist who's ready to assist in transitioning you into the future of work using cloud services.

I want to get you and everyone else excited about using technology and help you discover ways to have tech work for you. Come as a visitor, leave as a friend!

Here's How I Can Help

And here's a few things I'm good at 👇

Cloud Services

Can't decide which cloud services are a good fit for you and your team? Or need assistance with implementing Google Workspace or Microsoft 365? I can help!


Need assistance choosing a new computer or specific software for you or someone on your team? Let's chat about your needs.

Microsoft Office

Need help learning the Microsoft Office Suite or just need quick assistance with Excel? I'm your guy!

And the list goes on...


Just here for my input?

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