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Make your laptop a hot spot

Turn your Vista, Apple or XP laptop into a wireless hot spot.

This is a older video that was made during my days as a student at Florida State University!

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  1. [..YouTube..] in xp, i do not have the sharing checkbox??

  2. [..YouTube..] can you do this with a broadband card like one from verizon wireless?

  3. [..YouTube..] 5 Stars, very good and simple explanation and video showing what to do.

  4. [..YouTube..] when i click make a new connection it doesnt say make an adhoc connection

  5. [..YouTube..] I tried with a Sprint card and it didn’t work. One reason is because the card shows up like a regular modem (i.e. dialup) and not a LAN Adapter.

  6. [..YouTube..] The iPod touch has Wifi capabilities. If you follow the steps to make your laptop a hot spot then im pretty sure it should work, but cant guarantee its results/outcome. ALTHOUGH it does works with the iPhone.

  7. [..YouTube..] Thanks… More Videos and my new tech blogging site is coming soon!

  8. [..YouTube..] What OS do you have? Here are the beginning instructions for vista!Vista: Click the “Windows Button (Start Button)” then go to “Network” and at the top of that window click on “Networking and Sharing Center.” On the left hand side click on “Setup a Connection or Network” then click “Set up a ad-hoc(computer-to-computer) network”.

  9. [..YouTube..] 1st make sure you are in the properties for the particular “Local Area Connection” you want to use. If problem persists then it may be because:1. Local Area Connection is disabled or unplugged2. You don’t have administrative privileges of the PC3. The “Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings” check box in Wireless Network Connection Properties

  10. [..YouTube..] i tried it on vista…some reason i get the message no gate way reply?but i do have a stable connection on my laptop..?any ideas?

  11. [..YouTube..] Never received that error message before but it could be an incompatibility with the type of authentication that you chose. Try another authentication method. (i.e. WAP instead of WEP)

  12. [..YouTube..] You can buy wifi adapters from almost any electronics retailer. You cant actually buy WiFi. You have to sign up with hispeed internet with a provider in your area and when they install your service buy a wifi (wireless) router to connect or use the steps in this video to make your laptop into one.

  13. [..YouTube..] an erros occurs saying “the network password needs to be 40 to 104bits depending on your network setting” I’ve tried different network keys, noting works. Im using windows xp.

  14. [..YouTube..] Hey dudney please help me out i am trying so many different ways to get my laptop vista to make it a wireless adaptor for my itouch but i cant i tried this vid for vista and i have the internet connected and opened a window and it says it could not set up “wireless name” it just immideately says it could not set up… any ideas?

  15. [..YouTube..] the internet works and all but when i tried going to the step after giving the wireless a name and stuff i put next and then it says could not set up….

  16. [..YouTube..] hey, can you please make an tutorial on How to make hotspot for psp? i mean, i make may laptop as hotspot to connect my psp to the internet,,

  17. [..YouTube..] Make sure you are connected to the internet on the laptop that is providing the wireless, and see if that works!

  18. [..YouTube..] Try another form of authentication. WAP instead of WEP or dont use any authentication at all at 1st to find the problem….Tip: try to use all numbers!

  19. [..YouTube..] Make sure that your LAN/WLAN connection(s) on the laptop isn’t being shared with/by another program. Also try adjusting the wireless authentication settings.

  20. [..YouTube..] Yes, but wouldn’t recommended because of the speed.

  21. [..YouTube..] This video should work in its favor. Just follow the steps in this video and use the wireless connection settings on the PSP to connect to it

  22. [..YouTube..] well, i already try this tutorial, but still my psp cant connect to my laptop.. hmm i dunno why!,

  23. [..YouTube..] all that is with vista is a wireless lan…i need to share internet… u didn’t show how ot share internet… We can connect to the wirless network… but it’s local only…

  24. [..YouTube..] I can’t connect my Wii, my PSP, my ipod, it can find the access point but it can’t use….anyone who knows how to solve my problem….i use windows XP

  25. [..YouTube..] yeah,its just local only….im using a vista laptop (2 actualy)but i can only connect to the networ,but it wont let me use the internet….ahhh,WTF!!??

  26. [..YouTube..] Do you know how to make your internet wireless without a internet card. Please email me at youtube.

  27. [..YouTube..] how can i connect my psp to this wi fi thing? pls hep me ..

  28. [..YouTube..] dude thanks this is AMAZING!!!

  29. [..YouTube..] it doesn’t work it says windows can not create ” my name of the connection “

  30. [..YouTube..] Hello, but for vista, when i make the connection and when i use my itouch to use the wifi hotspot for internet, it says its not connected to the internet, then also on my pc it says LOCAL only and its unidentified network. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP!!

  31. [..YouTube..] NO! it does work to ipod but doesn’t work to psp.test it for urself before make video.

  32. [..YouTube..] can you still use the internet on the laptop your using as a hot spot

  33. [..YouTube..] Awesome. I’ve watched other vids on YT and followed their directions, but yours is the first one that I’ve followed and actually got it to work! Thanks!

  34. [..YouTube..] u copying from CNET…..!!CHEATER…..

  35. [..YouTube..] Can you do this from Wireless in and then Wireless out.

  36. [..YouTube..] when i enable the ad hoc on my windows vista i can’t connect to my own laptop computers internet. why is this?

  37. [..YouTube..] Three of my neighbors and I all want to share an internet connection (Cable) what would be the simplest way to do this. All of us are within 100 feet of each other, and two are upstairs and two downstairs. Can you help?

  38. [..YouTube..] This meathod didn’t work help please. D:

  39. [..YouTube..] hey look to the right and choose second related video and watch..

  40. [..YouTube..] Hey can you connect with a Nintendo DS with your laptop?????

  41. [..YouTube..] Yes u can if the internet is not secured.

  42. [..YouTube..] could you help me with my windows vista home basic to access internet to PSP? i believe you could help me with my problem..

  43. [..YouTube..] have you been able to resolve psp issue yet?

  44. [..YouTube..] it’s not working. when i tried to connect my nokia n80 on network it say “no gateway reply”

  45. [..YouTube..] Thanks man. Now I can use my other laptop 😀

  46. [..YouTube..] is this possible on windows 7 starter?

  47. [..YouTube..] i can connect my cellphone, but nothing happens with PS3 or PSP..

  48. [..YouTube..] does it work for the ps3?? and will it slow my laptop or do any damage to it

  49. [..YouTube..] It doesen’t work for my iPod Touch, for some reason… Please do something.

  50. saadbutt saadbutt

    hie Thanks for the help ..but i still have problem doing it …. i have vista … i made the connection .. it is broad costing … but it dosent helps my other laptop or iphone to connect to internet through the new connection … the one u tought in ur video me

  51. saadbutt saadbutt

    hie Thanks for the help ..but i still have problem doing it …. i have vista … i made the connection .. it is broad costing … but it dosent helps my other laptop or iphone to connect to internet through the new connection … the one u tought in ur video me

  52. [..YouTube..] I have mobile broadband – how do I use this to create mt wifi hotspot? Thank you!!!!! 🙂

  53. [..YouTube..] I have mobile broadband – how do I use this to create mt wifi hotspot?
    Thank you!!!!! 🙂

  54. [..YouTube..] In Windows Xp, in the wireless network connection properties is missing the Wireless Networks tab. What should I do?

  55. [..YouTube..] will this work with a wifi cards that plug in the the usb (universal serial bus) port

  56. [..YouTube..] i have vista and i followed your video. the network shows on my ipod touch but it doesn’t connect to the internet. it just says connecting for a very long time. did i miss a step?

  57. [..YouTube..] ok.. i have vista, i followed the steps, and on my other computer,the one im trying to get wifi for.. it sees the wifi connection, and it connects, but when i go click on the internet, it doesnt work?.. why? =(

  58. [..YouTube..] My local area connections doesn’t have a internet connection sharing group.

  59. [..YouTube..] Wow…It’s working with my Vista…Thank you very much…

  60. [..YouTube..] hey I have one question.I have a desktop pc with Vista and a Tp-Link TL-WN321G usb wireless adapter(and of course an ethernet cable).Can I use this method to connect my Asus EEE pc(901) and my cousins iPod touch through my network?

  61. [..YouTube..] Does anyone know how many devices you can be sharing the internet to at a time? Is it just one or can you have multiple devices connected to the internet?

  62. [..YouTube..] i tired it didnt work.i did exactly what u told me to do…after i checked the box which says allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection it hasHome networking connection: Select a proivate network connectionLocal area connectionLocal area connection 2i tried choosing all three of them but it didnt work.can u please help? thanx

  63. [..YouTube..] i tired it didnt work.
    i did exactly what u told me to do…
    after i checked the box which says allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection
    it has

    Home networking connection:
    Select a proivate network connection
    Local area connection
    Local area connection 2

    i tried choosing all three of them but it didnt work.
    can u please help? thanx

  64. [..YouTube..] What If Your Getting Your Internet From a PPPoe Connection? Please Help Me.!

  65. [..YouTube..] for all windows computer you could have used connectify, it’s a free software that does the same thing but easier to set up, just a tip 🙂 nice video

  66. [..YouTube..] do you have the solution for the psp and iphones? when I tried it they cant detect the access point?

  67. [..YouTube..] I’ve been lookin for this forever! thank you brother

  68. [..YouTube..] at 3:52 , i don’t have the wireless networks tab and i have a windows xp.

  69. [..YouTube..] in the end where we only check the last box it says home networking connection and i need to choose 1 plus it says local area connection 1 , 2 , and 3 wat do i do

  70. [..YouTube..] This (still) doesn’t appear to work for the PSP or Nintendo DSi. I’d be interested to know if this issue has been resolved or if there is a router-less alternative available.

  71. [..YouTube..] hey i cant check the box that says computer to computer for windows xp

  72. [..YouTube..] I did this but now i cant connect via wifi on my laptop and i didnt save the network. Pls Help!!!

  73. [..YouTube..] So I’ve tether my t-mobile phone using app easytether pro. made my laptop a hotspot. and now my xbox wireless adabtor is trying to connect to it. I’ve gotten as far as MTU error. Don’t know how i got an ip address but i’m getting close to cracking this code to have my phone give me xbox live. smh

  74. [..YouTube..] Good video!! will my laptop hotspot be able to connect to my ipod touch!! Im just wondering!!!!

  75. [..YouTube..] HEY TEACH ME HOW TO DOUGIE !

  76. [..YouTube..] Can you make a wifi hot spot with LINUX?? I have the a wired USB internet connection.

  77. [..YouTube..] whats network key is it password for connecting ???????????

  78. [..YouTube..] finally!!!!!!!! someone normal!!

  79. guest guest

    My iPod touch is connected but I can’t surf the internet, How is that so? Need some help.

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