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Author: Kenneth Thomas

Best Unlimited Plan for Individuals

As you can see over the past few months unlimited plans have really been making its way back into the carrier’s offerings. At one point carriers were eliminating them as an option but some of them are bringing them back, specifically in this case Sprint and T-Mobile.

Cable Internet or 3G/4G wireless internet for my home?

Dear Ken,
I’m moving into a new apartment and instead of dealing with the local cable company, I’m wondering if I could use a wireless 3G/4G internet connection as my primary/home internet connection. I’m a moderate bandwidth user (Apple TV, Netflix, web surfing) but I don’t do a lot of downloading. Could it be a better option than cable Internet?

Facebook Fan

Converting LP to digital format

Hello Ken,

I have a bunch of old music on LP format that I would like to convert over to digital format for listing on my portable devices. How would you suggest I do so.


Anonymous Facebook Fan

Intro to Ultrabooks

Many of the high-end laptops of today are called ultrabooks. An ultrabook is a high-end, light-weight, thin laptop with no internal moving/spinning parts. A majority of ultrabooks have screens that typically range from 11 to 14 inches in size, have a weight of around 2.5 pounds and are a little over a half-inch thick.

Buy a new PC and get a new Xbox Free!

Starting May 22, students who buy a new PC for $699 or more will receive a free Xbox 360 4GB console. The offer is available to online shoppers who buy a PC from,, or Microsoft’s online store. Those who want to head to a retail outlet can find the deal at Best Buy or Microsoft’s stores.