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About Kenneth

Kenneth Thomas

Technologist, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Socialite, and Ambitionist

My name is Kenneth Thomas, and I have a passion for the topics of technology, business/entrepreneurship and also happen to be a car enthusiast.

From an early age, I knew that my destiny would be to enter into the technology industry. It was something about electronics and technology that piqued my interest. Yes, I was that child who asked for expensive electronics rather than usual toys like most other kids. From a young age, I observed parents in a few of their occupations which did inspire me. My father served in several technical roles such as a sales associate at a local RadioShack and my mother often held jobs for organizations where she would manage funds and projects. Also, worth mentioning, my parents worked on their college degree’s after I was born so I would often sit around while they worked on various assignments. My father studied Information Systems, and my mother studied Business Administration. As a young adult, I finished high-school and decided to further my education study the broad field of Information Technology (IT) because there was not one aspect that I liked more than the other. Also, I acquired a degree in Business Administration to gain valuable knowledge and to complement my entrepreneurial spirit. Lastly, I have worked in many different areas of IT and Business during my career.

In recent years I grew an interest in giving back to my community by getting involved in local politics and volunteering for organizations and schools. Currently, I reside in a rural area of north Florida where citizens take pride in patronizing local businesses and organizations. Long story short, it caused me to become an advocate for ending the digital divide so that individuals, businesses, and schools in rural areas could have the similar access to technology and other resources as those in large metropolitan areas. Furthermore, I have begun to take part in initiatives that surround encouraging youth and others to explore the area of technology, including lecturing classes and hosting professional development sessions at local schools and universities.

On the other hand, I love to travel, blog and socialize with family and friends in my free time.

Key Facts:

  • Quincy, Florida Native
  • Obtained Masters of Business Administration from Florida A&M University – May 2015
  • Obtained Master’s Degree in Information Technology from Florida Institute of Technology – June 2011
  • Obtained Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from Florida State University – December 2008
  • Employed within in an IT role for over 10 years
  • Passion for technology and an interest in business leadership/administration
  • Hobbies consist of traveling, blogging and volunteering in the community and spending quality time with family and friends