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Month: May 2011

Buy a new PC and get a new Xbox Free!

Starting May 22, students who buy a new PC for $699 or more will receive a free Xbox 360 4GB console. The offer is available to online shoppers who buy a PC from,, or Microsoft’s online store. Those who want to head to a retail outlet can find the deal at Best Buy or Microsoft’s stores.

Turn any speaker into a Bluetooth speaker

Someone asked me about purchasing a set of  bluetooth/wireless speakers the other day and also mentioned that all the bluetooth speakers they saw all sounded a bit “cheap”.

Daily tech deals!

Was searching the web today and came across some great deals! And yes I felt the need to share.

Verizon announces new 4G LTE cities

Verizon announced Monday the expansion of its LTE network on May 19th.  I am quite sure a lot of my Facebook fans will enjoy this news, being that most of them are from the Tallahassee area!

Pandora lovers try Slacker Radio

Slacker Tuesday launched Slacker Premium Radio, another tier for the online music streaming service now providing on-demand access to over 8 million songs. The Premium service allows access to individual songs, albums, top charts, station playlists, single-artist radio stations and more.

iPhone 5 4G Ready? – Fact or Fiction

This article may answer a question about the next generation iPhone that many are curious to know!